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    文章來源: 2019-06-03


    Add:No.188, Tonggang Road, Meili, Changshu, Jiangsu, China.    
    Tel:+86-512-52850551 52850950    Fax:+86-512-52852806 52853489
    Changshu Textile Machinery Works Co.,Ltd. is the largest specialized factory in China of producing shedding devices which used on various kind of looms. The company was established in 1970, it’s comprehensive strength is becoming stronger and stronger results to it’s leading position in the industry by carrying out the rolling technological transformation. The company is established with the provincial textile machinery engineering centre,has a number of core technology and patents, is the developing and manufacturing base of the scientific & technical innovation and the novel shedding device. The main products are well sold in Chinese mainland markets and are also exported to areas in Japan, Korean, Brazil and India etc.

    Add:No.220,Taishan Road,Hitech Development Zone,Changzhou,Jiangsu,China.  
    Tel:+86-13584359113 Qin Fei   
    E-mail:czhongda@czhongda.com.cn   Http://www.czhongda.com.cn

    Add: Xishe Industrial Area, Zhanlong Town, Puning City, Guangdong province, China.   
    Tel: +86-663-2318788   Fax: +86-663-2338599
    E-mail:info@rui-tuo.com   Http://www.rtdd.tech
    As a member of the China Textile Machinery Association, RTDD, established in 2011 is a textile finishing machinery manufacturer with independent research and development. RTDD has been authorized more than 26 domestic and international patents both in invention and utility aspects, and has been awarded National High-tech Enterprise of China since 2016. RTDD is a young company built up with a team of Italian experienced engineer who are determined to make better machines, to pursue our innovation in textile finishing machinery, to protect our environment as much as possible, to give our best service to our customers around the world, and to help them to achieve their commercial goals easier and faster. We want and we do so much more.

    Add:Guanduhe Industry Clusters, Guangshan,Xinyang,Henan,China.   
    Tel:+86-376-8874656   Fax:+86-376-8874689
    E-mail:gsfg@gsbaisha.com   Http://www. gsbaisha.com
    Guangshan White Shark Card Clothing Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1962. After more than half century of advancement, White Shark has been developed into a specialized and internationalized group, integrating development, manufacture, sales, and technical services for fiber combing parts research. Its products cover all areas of textile fiber combing, which used for cotton, industrial textiles, wool, linen, and special animal fibers, including metal card clothing, flexible card clothing, top flats, fixed flats, rotor spinning parts, and overall cylinder, through the whole combing process.White Shark has completed the covering for construction of its own marketing system and service network in China. It is committed to meeting the needs of global textile customers. Its products and technical services have reached nearly 20 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, West Asia, Europe and Americas. White Shark is rising to become an international and national brand, realizing the dream of a century-old brand, and becoming a truly professional carding solution supplier.

    Add: NO. 177, Qianjiashan Road, West Coast New District, Qingdao City, China.   
    Tel:+86-15066834679   Fax:+86-532-86152127
    E-mail:hicorp_zhouping@126.com   Http://www.hicorpcmt.com
    Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao) Co, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hicorp Group, headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong, China. It is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of CMT1801 Automatic Doffing Roving Frame with Intelligent Bobbin Transportation System, HCP810 High Speed Air jet loom, Cone Yarn Intelligent Packaging and Logistic System.
    Hicorp specialized in design and manufacture textile machine since 1986. Over half century, Hicorp pioneered world textile industry by “ Expert marketing, expert service “ to provide World-Class Standard Machinery and Specialist Level serve the customer all over the world. Hicorp has become an industry banner of the world.
    Now Hicorp exports to dozens of countries and regions in the United States, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Americas, Russia, etc.

    Add:No.2,Zhuang Zhuang Road,2 Ting Zhuang Road, Yunting Industrial Park,Jiangyin,Jiangsu,China.   
    Tel:+86-510-86230287 ,+86-13906160112   Tao Zhoulong
    E-mail:wyryjx@126.com   Http://wyrjc.cn.alibaba.com
    Jiangyin Weiyu Riyi Machinery Co.,Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of looms a full set of open components - connecting rod assembly, cam box and dobby machine and you create a better textile machinery tomorrow. the products are sold at home and abroad, praised by users. The company spirit is “high quality products to open the world gate”.

    Add: Sandong Industrial Park,Fenghuang North Road,Huacheng Town,Huadu District,Guangzhou City,China.   
    Tel: +86-20-6635677   
    E-mail: info@kandgreen.com   Http://www.kandgreen.com
    Guangzhou Keguang Machinery Co.,Ltd. established in 2011,it is a manufacturer and trader specialized in the research,development and production of dyeing machine.All of our products comply with international quality standard and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

    Add:No.39 Huangtai Dong Road,Wangtai Town,Huangdao Area,Qingdao City,China.   
    Tel:+86-152523276890   Eiffel Zheng   
    Haijia Machinery founded in 2001, is a professional manufacturer of shuttleless looms integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales, international trade and service.Water jet looms and air jet looms of Haijia are mainly sold to various regions in China and overseas markets in countries and regions, such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey and Nepal, etc.

    Add:Wangtai Town, Huangdao Area ,Qingdao City ,Shandong,China.   
    Tel: +86-13853201899   
    Qingdao Huasense Textile Machinery Group is China’s largest professional jet weaving machine manufacturer, more than 500 per month, factories strong technical force, wholly owned import foreign advanced CNC machining centers, CNC equipment, a complete development and research institutions to form a strong sales and service capacity and guarantee.
    Huasense technology research and development centers and service network for users to choose lay a firm foundation for confidence. In South Korea the Ukrainian Research Center of the University of Technology in the world of electronic technology research center, microelectronic technology design talent cradle.
    Shengze Wujiang Huasense’s service center is one of the main service window. Various series loom inventory of spare parts, electronic components, senior engineer ready for customer service.

    Saurer AG
    Add:Bleikenstr.11,9630 Wattwil,Switzerland.   
    Tel: +41-794253732   
    E-mail:media@saurer.com   Http://www.saurer.com
    Saurer Group is a leading globally operating technology group focusing on machinery and components for yarn processing. As a company with a long tradition, Saurer has always been a leader in innovation. Today, Saurer comprises the two segments Saurer Spinning Solutions and Saurer Technologies. Saurer Spinning Solutions offers high quality, technologically advanced and customer-specific automation solutions for processing staple fibre from bale to yarn. Saurer Technologies specialises in twisting and embroidery as well as engineered and polymer solutions. With annual sales revenues of EUR 1.1 billion, 4 300 employees, and locations in Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, the USA, China, India and Singapore, the strongly growing group is well positioned to serve the world’s textile industry centres. Saurer is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (securities code: 600545).

    Add:Waigushe, Paojiang Industrial Zone,Shaoxing,Zhejiang,China.   
    Tel:+86-575-88242780,88242788,+86-15215997196   Shi fengjiao
    E-mail:Reeds@sf-reeds.com   Http://ww.sf-reeds.com
    Shaoxing shuifu textile equipment Co.,Ltd. is professional on producing vary kinds of reeds.It is honored with China textile machinery air jet profile reeds research center by ctma in 2015.Shuifu established in 1988 and registered capital of USD 3millon,covers and area of 13000m2,and its main products are reeds for air jet,rapier,water-jet looms and other special industrial reeds.Annual of air-jet reeds is about 90000 meters,profile dents are 180000000pcs,rapier is 50000 meters.After so many years practicing and developing, it has strong technology, wonderful internal management,good external conditon.Now it is a modern reeds enterprise with strong professional researching and producing ability.

    Add:5-1, Develop Road, Shenyang Economic & Technological Development Area, China.   
    E-mail: 13700018030@163.com   Http://www.jingweitexmach.com   
    SHENYANG HONGDA TEXTILE MACHINERY CO., LTD. belonging to CHINA TEXTILE MACHINERY GROUP has 70 years of research, development and manufacturing experience and mainly produces Draw Frame, Warping Machine, and Air Jet Loom. The products are exported to many countries and regions. The company goes for advanced technology, strict management, high-class products and services. It also improves R&D system and enhances independent innovation ability of the company. The company has service stations and spare parts warehouses in many countries equipped with localized service personnel, which can provide fast, efficient and convenient services for local customers. The company wholeheartedly provides high-quality equipment and solutions for global textile customers.

    Add:No.16,Youxiang Road, Yuexi Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou,China.
        Building E, Hongwei Industrial Zone, Liuxian Erlu, Baocheng 70, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China
    Shenzhen Inovance Technology Co., Ltd., dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and sales of industrial automation control products, is positioned in serving midrange and high-end equipment manufacturers. On the basis of owning industrial automation technologies with proprietary intellectual property rights, Inovance perseveres in import substitution, industry marketing and providing total solution to customers in segment market and achieves growth of both enterprise value and customer value. Inovance is a hi-tech company and provides a wide business coverage of intelligent equipment & robot, new energy vehicles, rail transit, industrial Internet.Inovance is capable of providing comprehensive automation products and customized system solutions for the whole textile process. Through building a professional team composed of industry experts with extensive experience in the textile process, Inovance is well positioned to provide customers with customized solutions for various technical procedures of the textile process, including cotton spinning, double twisting, weaving, knitting, and printing and dyeing.

    Add:No.9 Taibao Road ,Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province,China.
    Tel:+86-311-83817245    Maria Cui   
    E-mail:sales@sjzfzjx.com   Http://www.engineeringfabricloom.com
    Shijiazhuang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.(STM) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of textile (wide, heavy, three-dimensional, multi-layer, special material, etc.) for industry.STM has the special looms which the reed width can reach more than 20 meters, beating force is more than 6 tons per meter, the single weight can reach100 tons. Our products are widely used in weaving paper making forming fabric, dry nets, press felt, and many kinds of filter web for environmental protection, food, chemical, steel, petroleum and other industries. Our products have more than 85% market share of domestic similar products, and export to Asia, South America and many other places.

    Add:No.7 Weiwen Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China.
    Tel:+86-512-67066492 13915582928   
    E-mail:vick.yao@imaginsz.com   Http://www.imaginsz.com
    Suzhou Imagin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of smart two for one twister and assembly winder machine in the textile machinery industry. Our company is located in Suzhou China, 50km away from Shanghai.Imagin was established in 2009. In the past nine years, we have sold more than 3,000 sets of machinery to the overseas market, such as Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand and other countries. The most important is that we have a strong after-sales team which is responsible for installation, adjustment and commissioning of the machinery in the site for our customers. Besides, our engineer also needs to train the local workers until they can operate the machinery easily.

    Add:No.529,Xishan Road,Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province,China. PC:214106
    Tel:+86-510-81888585,88537170   Fax:+86-510-88537088,85869342
    E-mail:hy@wxhy.com,trade@wxhy.com   Http://www.wxhy.com
    Hongyuan has a good reputation of technology and know-how in the area of high speed draw texturing for over 30 years. Owing to the accumulated experience, continuous research and development in the draw texturing, we have independently developed high speed draw texturing machine types based on the latest texturing technology trends and market demand. Available are single or double density machines for polyester and polyamide and standard or special configuration for designing the texturing process in accordance with the yarn’s requirement. We always offer our products to customers with optimum design and process solution, meaning that each kind of product applies a unique technology. Our loyal customers have already been enjoying the profits generated from using high technology products of Hongyuan. Our products are always the right choice for your DTY production.

    Add:East of Binglun Road, South of Huanan Road and West of Lanyan Road, Zhichu Industrial Park, Zhifu Area, Yantai City,Shandong,China.
    Tel:+86-15666906038    Liu Yongkui   
    E-mail:tianchengneedle@163.com   Http://www.golden-sharp.cn
    Yantai Tiancheng Knitting Needle Co., Ltd. located in the charming city Yantai, lies in Nanshangfang Industrial Zone of Zhifu District, near the mountain and by the river with convenient transportation.Our company possesses a group of united and skilled employees. We always focus on the customers, and take their satisfaction as eternal standard to design and produce high quality “Golden Sharp” knitting needles. Our products cover circular knitting needles, flat knitting needles and accessories of knitting machinery.Focusing on the quality and reputation, we will always keep honesty and high quality to serve the public. We will strive for excellence and spare unremitting efforts to guard our company’s culture. Guidance and support from domestic and foreign customers are warmly welcome.

    Add: Chengtan Industrial Zone, Xinchang County, Zhejiang Prorince,China.
    Tel: +86-575-86068888 86059888   Fax: +86-575-86059666
    E-mail: zjxcymx@126.com   Http://www.yoantion.com
    YoanTion Industrial Inc., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D, production and sales of printing and dyeing finishing equipment. YoanTion is founded in June 2010 with the registered capital of more than 60 million Yuan. It’s located in Chengtan Industrial Zone, Xinchang County, which is near highways, about one hour drive to the airport, railway and Ningbo port. The traffic is very convenient.We aim at the middle and high-end market at the beginning, based on professional technical team and advanced manufacturing equipment, to create famous YoanTion brand, YoanTion quality, and rapidly became the professional manufacturer in the high-end dyeing and finishing equipment. Stenter, as our main product, improves the fabric quality and reduces the energy consumption, and therefore has strong market competitiveness. We use CAD/CAM software, such as UG and PRO-E, to improve our technological innovation. What’s more, ERP system, 6S management, ISO9001:2015 quality management system are used to standardize our company management.

    Add: Rifa Digital Technology Zone, Xinchang Hi-tech Industrial Park, Zhejiang,China.
    E-mail: sales.tm@rifa.com.cn   Http://www.rifatm.com
    Zhejiang Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., as a national key high-tech enterprise, has been focusing on the improvement of spinning machine technology with market orientation, specializing in the production of textile machinery. It has successfully developed more than 100 kinds of products in twisting, spinning, weaving and knitting systems. Now it holds Shandong Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Anhui Rifa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang Rifa Textile Machinery Tech Co., Ltd.

    Add: Rifa Road, Nanyan High-tech Zone,Xinchang County,Zhejiang,China.
    Tel:+86-575-86333303   Fax:+86-575-86230405
    E-mail:jiurushi@wsftex.com   Http://www.wsf-tex.com
    Zhejiang Wanshifa Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a company engaged in developing and producing high quality winding machine. In the past few years, we have got numbers of invention patents in textile machinery field. We have a leading technical level in China and provide excellent winding machine solutions for our clients. Our new generation precision digital winder is the ideal machine and a perfect solution for yarns that require accurate tension controlling and active unwinding procedure. With the most advanced active unwinding technology and programmable tension system, clients can accurately set yarn tension and make it consistent or variable throughout the winding process. Meanwhile, the electronic traverse system offers highest flexibility and productivity.Draw Heat-setting Winder is specially designed for twisted filament yarns such as sewing threads. It can optimize properties of the yarn such as elongation, shrinkage and tenacity. It solves several problems in traditional draw process such as uneven thickness, strength degradation and incomplete package shape.

    Add: No.258 Wutong Street, Zhengzhou, Henan, China.
    Tel:+86-371-85516600   Fax:+86-371-85516611
    E-mail:suny@zzfj.com   Http://www.zzfj.com
    Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (HI-TECH HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD.), founded in 1949, is formerly state-owned Zhengzhou Textile Machinery Factory. Located in No. 258 Wutong Street, Hi-Tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou City, and affiliated to CHTC, Zhengzhou Textile Machinery is a central enterprise directly under the SASAC and a subsidiary of CTMC. It is one of the three international biggest blowing-carding units and polyester staple fiber equipment manufacturers, the largest supplier of viscose equipment and sizing equipment in the world, and also the only large-scale modern enterprise which can provide all kinds of complete non-woven equipment.

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